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    We are a consolidated research group based at the University of Oviedo (Northern Spain), gathering also members from other Spanish and Portuguese institutions (University of Valladolid, Complutense University of Madrid, CIEMAT-Madrid, University of La Laguna, University of Valencia, University Institute of Lisbon, University of Lisbon). We have been working together since the beginning of the millennium in the field of social and philosophical studies on science and technology, making up an interdisciplinary group or around 25 researchers (from the fields of Biochemistry, Economy, Engineering, Journalism, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology).

    Our lines of research include:

    • Public Understanding of Science
    • Science Education from an STS perspective
    • Public Participation in Science Policy

    The products of our interdisciplinary work have been published in the main academic journals (such as Public Understanding of Science, American Journal of Bioethics or Science, Technology & Human Values) and publishers (such as Cambridge University Press and Springer) in the field.  See below for details on publications. Presently we promote one book series in the Spanish publishing house Los Libros de la Catarata and collaborate in the editing of the international journal Revista Iberoamericana de CTS.

    Besides our research work, the group has also experience with diffusion activities both in the organization of science communication activities and in the promotion of online postgraduate courses. Concerning this latter point, the group presently promotes, in collaboration with Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Salamanca, an online Master Degree on Scientific and Innovation Culture.

    The group has stable cooperation links with other national and international institutions such as FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology) and OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States for EducationScience and Culture), and receives regular funding from the Spanish National Programs of R+D and Research Contracts with Spanish and international organizations. We have experience in international consultancy and cooperation in projects such as the global citizen consultation initiative World Wide Views on Climate Change, the development of an Ibero-American Standard for the measurement of scientific culture in collaboration with RICYT (Ibero-American Network of Science and Technology Indicators), and innovation in science education in collaboration with the Ibero-American Network of STS Chairs promoted by OEI.



    We are looking for partners in a project that combines our previous experience in STS academic research, the measurement and analysis of public understanding of science, the development of teaching materials for science education, and our work on citizen involvement in science and technology in order to advance towards new strategies for science communication and governance.



    Collaboration of an interdisciplinary group with 15 years of experience in the study and measurement of scientific culture in Spain and Latin America, which receives funding from competitive calls and has worked regularly with national (FECYT) and international (OEI) public bodies.

    Inter-sector and international linkage with numerous researchers and teachers through the networks promoted by the OEI, within its Network of CTS + I Chairs (more than 100 universities and scientific institutions involved since 2000) or the Iberciencia-Contenedores project (online teaching resources for science education where 5 thousand Latin American teachers participate).

    With experience in:

    • academic research, survey analysis and the development of questionnaires on novel aspects of scientific culture (critical awareness, behavior dispositions),
    • the investigation of cases and the implementation of experiences of public participation in science and technology (e.g. Spanish node of the WWW on Climate Change),
    • the research and development of innovative educational materials and techniques for science education ("STS simulations" - based on the promotion of the protagonism of students in the teaching-learning process),
    • science popularization and the development of innovative formats for social dissemination (for example, by promoting bidirectional dissemination initiatives at the Night of the Researchers, within the Horizon 2020 program of the EU).



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