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  • Politics of Scientific Culture: Analysis of the political and social dimensions of scientific cultures [MICINN-12-FFI2011-24582]


    Key words
    scientific culture - social studies of science - policies of promotion of scientific culture - science communication
    The project's purpose is the conceptual analysis and empirical research of the main social and political dimensions of scientific culture.
    • Firstly, the conceptual analysis will be rounded upon a naturalistic approach in the philosophy of science and science studies, and it will focus on the incidence of scientific culture on personal and social experience, as well as on the impact of processes of science appropriation on the dynamics of political life. This analysis will also include the consideration of antecedent dimensions, related to policies of promotion of scientific culture and science communication.
    • Secondly, empirical research, based upon the exploitation of demoscopic results and multivariant analysis, will provide foundation for conceptual analysis as well as a testing ground for the project's hypotheses.
    The main aim is to generate knowledge oriented to a better identification of challenges and opportunities in the promotion of scientific culture and the design of improved policies in the field, based upon appropriate social impact indicators.
    Start Date:
    01 of January of 2012
    End Date:
    31 of December of 2014
    Lead Research:
    • José Antonio López Cerezo
    • Ana Aguilera Díez
    • Guillermo Aleixandre Mendizabal
    • Cipriano Barrio Alonso
    • Noelia Bueno Gómez
    • Santiago Cáceres Gómez
    • Montaña Cámara Hurtado
    • María Cornejo Cañamares
    • Irene Díaz García
    • Cristina Durlan
    • Miriam García Rodríguez
    • Francisco Javier Gil Martín
    • Francisco Javier Gómez González
    • Marta Isabel González García
    • María Asunción Herrera Guevara
    • Belén Laspra Pérez
    • Emilia Hemerlinda Lopera Pareja
    • José Antonio Menéndez Sanz
    • Armando Menéndez Viso
    • Emilio Muñoz Ruiz
    • Ana Muñoz van den Eynde
    • Roxana Popelka Sosa Sánchez