CTS Group has a history of more than ten years of research focused on the study of scientific culture. From our perspective, the scientific culture is understood as a multidimensional phenomenon that is expressed in an attitudinal, cognitive and behavioral mode, both the individual level and social. We understand that scientific culture has to do with cognitive enrichment of the individual but also with the readjustment of their belief system and attitudes, and especially it is related to the behavioral dispositions based on the use of scientific information, both in ordinary situations life and in extraordinary situations.
CTS Group has numerous publications in the field of social studies of science. Although reflection on scientific culture has constituted the core of the research into the CTS Group, the multidisciplinarity of its members have favored the proliferation of different approaches linked to communication of science, social understanding of science, science policy, perception of risk, or innovation. Both its members as their work share a critical view of the relations between science, technolgy and society.