Since its consolidation as a team, the activities of CTS Group members have been aimed at three major areas: academic research in social studies of science (scientific culture, citizen participation, perception of science and technology, etc.), communication and dissemination of research results (participation in seminars and other academic activities, popular science projects, etc.) and education and training activities (cooperation and development of courses, seminars, etc.

The team of CTS Group is focusing on three core work lines:

Academic research. In the academic field of social science studies or studies CTS, Group members have a long history of collaboration in research projects, technical advice and other academic activities. Linked to issues such as scientific culture, citizen participation, the social perception of science and technology, etc.

Communication and dissemination of research results. The team has participated in numerous meetings and activities of scientific and technical nature (conferences, seminars, publications ...) and collaborated in organizing various events and publications.

Education and training activities. The third major line of work of the Group is geared towards the development and promotion of scientific culture since the formation of specific groups (teachers, professionals, university students, etc.). For this reason, the team has served on numerous academic training programs and collaborates regularly in Masters, PhDs and other courses.


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